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Courses to pursue with Graduation

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Top 5 Courses to Pursue with Graduation

Confused about which course to pursue along with! This article will help you explore additional courses which, if studied together with will offer strong career prospects. 


Time has transformed dramatically in the past few decades. Nowadays graduation degree is not enough to get you a decent job. Hence the students are entitled to opt for certain additional courses to raise the qualification bar that will eventually lead them towards building a successful career. Many students either opt for Post-graduation courses like MBA, M.Phil, or PhD. However, there are several diplomas or online certification courses that the students can pursue along with their graduation. These courses will swing their career and provide them with better job opportunities and salaries. 

In this article, we shall be talking about some of the top certification courses that the students can pursue alongside their bachelor degree that will help them get well acquainted with real-world developments, and teach them how to manage such situations by applying professional strategies. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most trending courses that the students can pursue along with their graduation degree. 

Top 5 courses to pursue along with graduation:

1.) Graphic Designing Course: 

The technological industry has exhibited a dramatic transformation in the last few decades, thereby making them the most significant employers globally. The demand for skilled and well trained graphic designers is persistently increasing in almost every business domain, be it a start-up, media, or television and film industry. Graphics help in making the communication process more effective, thereby making it more manageable, useful, crisp, and to the point.

Career Prospects:

Graphic designing opens the window of career opportunities in the corporate sectors, Small and Medium Enterprises, and government agencies. The best part about this course is you can also work from home as a self-employed or a freelance graphic designer.

Learning Outcome : 

  • In-depth knowledge of typography, Colour theory, photographs, layouts, and various designing skills. 
  • Deep understanding of essential tools, including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.
  • Learn how to design logos and brand packages for prospective customers
  • Learn how to edit photographs through Adobe Photoshop
  • Learn how to use all the essential vector design tools in Adobe Illustrator.

Including the pen tool, shape builder tool, etc. 

  • Learn how to design magazine layouts through Adobe InDesign
  • Learn how to use robust logo design and ad design principles to create captivating logos. 
  • Learn the entire process of package design.
  • Learn the non-destructive editing technicalities in Adobe Photoshop
  • Get well acquainted with the history of fonts, typefaces, and how to pair the same. 
  • Learn the basics of Affinity Designer and understand the fundamental difference between Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer

If you have a creative sight and an artistic vision, then pursuing a course in graphic design along with graduation would be very beneficial for you.

2.) Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) :

The ACCA Course is a globally recognized course offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the UK. To provide industry-specific premium training to the applicants, this foundation was explicitly created to develop finance and accounting personnel for meeting the industrial requirement.

Initiated in 1904, ACCA has now gained global recognition with its exclusive principles of innovation, diversity, reliability, and accountability. All these values are synced with the industrial requirements, thereby ensuring to prepare accounting professionals for the business.

Career Prospects : 

The ACCA qualification has already achieved extensive acknowledgement in the Indian market over the past few years. Having a close association with the CA sector, ACCA is gaining more and more popularity these days due to its flexible exam schedules as compared to the CA course. This eventually has led to more job opportunities in this sector. In fact, the ACCA qualified person is in high demand in the Big 4 companies, the International banking sector, Information Technology (IT) sector, KPOs, and many more.

Learning Outcome.

  • This globally recognized course with more than 219,000 members, 527,000 students in 181 countries, is a window of opportunities that allows the applicants to work anywhere around the world. 
  • Teaches new skills and earn multiple new qualifications, including BSc(Hons) in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University. 
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business along with an ACCA Memberships status
  • Earn an MSc in Professional Accountancy from the University of London

Hence with its flexible learning and student-friendly examination system, the ACCA course will enhance your management skills. Moreover, it will equip you with all the necessary skills for a role beyond accounting, thereby preparing you for a successful career.

3.) Certified Management Accounting (CMA) 

Certified Management accounting is a globally recognized certification program for accounting and finance professionals. This advanced professional certification course is specially designed to provide all the analytical accounting and financial management skills to the students that will help them bring corporate advancement in the business.

 Moreover, this course will enhance the financial planning, analysis, control, decision making, skills of the student, and fulfil all the evolving requirements of the business. 

Career Prospects : 

Getting a CMA certification will open a window of opportunities for the students both in the domestic as well as global sector. Moreover, it will assist you in enhancing your financial, accounting, and management skills that will inflate your career, thereby helping you stand out from the rest. 

Learning Outcome : 

CMA offers a wide range of tasks to the applicants asked to complete in their day-to-day work. Below mentioned are some of the job roles that are likely to happen after completing this course. 

  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Cost Accountant
  • Relationship Manager

4.) Animation Design: 

If you are creative and passionate about drawing, then animation design is meant for you. This new course will take you through the entire process of developing creative animations using multiple techniques, including 3D, new Blenders 2.8. The animation is a process of creating an illusion of action or movement by presenting a set of stagnant images that marginally vary from each other. Moreover, it helps in giving life to characters, thereby making it seem like they are in motion. Multiple software, including 2D and 3D animation tools, are used to create animation designs. Animation design is gaining more popularity in India these days, thereby offering multiple career opportunities to the students. Mentioned herewith are the career prospects of this versatile course. 

Career Prospects: 

Animation design is in high demand in the advertisements, television channels, blogs, books, and promotional sectors. There is a high demand for animation designers in the cartoon industry in the last few years. Hence this course is highly recommended for students with a creative bend of mind for building a successful career.

Learning Outcome : 

  • learn all the basics of creating advanced animations in 3D using multiple animation software 
  • In-depth understanding of all the skills and knowledge required to create their unique animations from scratch
  • Learn how to develop advanced projects, creative animations, and models. 

Hence through this course, you will get well acquainted with all the skills required to create your 3D artwork.

5.) Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a professional fellowship of accountants in the UK and Ireland that offers qualifications in management accounting. It is one of the most significant management accounting associations with over 650,000 members. Moreover, CIMA has exhibited its presence in over 179 countries and had also provided signing authority to over 70 countries. The best part about this course is there are no group-based exams, and the pass percentage for Indian students ranges between 40-50%.

CIMA has a close affiliation with the Cost and Work Accountants (CWA) Institute of India. If you are looking forward to pursuing this course in India, then the best option is first to undergo the CWA and then appear for four more papers to get the CIMA certification.

Career Prospects: 

The skills gained from the CIMA course will open a window of career opportunities for the students. It will permit the students to work on specific projects, thereby allowing them to gain expertise in a particular field and relocate to a more strategic role in general management. The CIMA members woks in multiple sectors including management consulting, Business analysis, operations management, risk estimation, etc

Learning Outcome : 

  • Learn how to prepare regular financial statements, including profit and loss accounts, cash flow statements, budgets, etc.
  • Learn how to provide support services to make productive financial decisions, by coordinating with all departments and the management team
  • Make sure that all the organizational expenses are in accordance with the pre-defined budget
  • Communicating the fundamental organizational decisions to the subordinates
  • Analyse the overall financial performance of the organization and participate in long term business planning and predictions. 
  • Learn how to negotiate on essential projects and loans. 

We hope that our list will help you decide upon which courses you can take up along with your graduation degree to build a healthy and successful career. 

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