The BBA with the ACCA course at SISF helps in the overall development of the students through experiential learning. This program is closely associated with ACCA Syllabus and provides ACCA Qualification along with an academic degree (from MLSU). Its course module is developed as per the industrial requirements and helps in developing competent graduates who are job-ready. Considering the globalized and steadily rising Indian economy, organizations today are searching for aspirants who are flexible enough and ready to adapt to the current business environment. The BBA coursework fulfills all these requirements by adopting the latest teaching tools and mediation programs, including the Personality Enhancement Programme, Computer Proficiency Programme, Industrial Internships, and Research Evolution program. Moreover, it conducts multiple internship programs for the students to help them understand the opportunities and threats of the global business.


Why should you apply for this program?

  • The change in the Industry scenario has led to several job openings immediately after BBA. There are more than 1,00,000 job opportunities in this field.
  • This need is being fulfilled by fresh graduates who need to be trained in management by their employers before they are genuinely productive.
  • Such vacancies exist across sectors like IT/ITES E-Commerce, Retail, Manufacturing, amongst others.
  • 10+2 students who aspire to be successful managers and CEO of organizations must give this program a look.
  • The course is accredited by ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), UK.
  • Opportunity to earn an international qualification along with a regular university degree. Besides preparing the students to become ACCA affiliates, the program also facilitates a Diploma and Advanced Diploma from ACCA, UK. Multiple qualifications along the way can be earned.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • The students get extensive knowledge about multiple Accounting, Marketing, and financial concepts and learn how to apply the same in the modern business.
  • Improves the oral and written communication skills of the students.
  • The students will learn how to conduct organizational research on corporate issues, or any particular business operation, that requires an in-depth knowledge of multiple research sources and methodologies.
  • It helps in developing various professional skills such as leadership, communication, and business awareness among the students.

About MLSU

Formulated in 1962, Mohanlal Sukhadia University (erstwhile Udaipur University) is a State level University developed in Udaipur to offer higher education in Southern Rajasthan. With more than 2.25 Lakh students ever since its establishment, this multifaceted University is striving hard to provide the best teaching environment to the students. Moreover, it focusses on retaining high ethical values and upgrading itself with the evolving sectors of higher learning.
This Ivy League keeps reviewing, and upgrading its existing courses, introduces new courses (of national and international relevance) to develop a highly skilled and competent workforce. It adopts the latest teaching and learning concepts to offer high quality and effective learning environments to the students, thereby fostering a transparent, sincere, and reliable evaluation process.
MLSU is based on the concept of developing new knowledge through extensive research, which has not only provided it global recognition but has also helped it in gaining the interest of multiple institutions for collective analysis.