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Is There a Trick to Passing my ACCA exams?

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Many students are looking for the ‘magic trick’ that will help them pass their ACCA exams. Well, the truth is that there is no trick. There’s no clever work around. The major thing, which isn’t a clever shortcut at all, is planning. There’s no way around this. You need to plan. You need to practice. You need to put in a lot of hard work. To pass the ACCA, you can’t just go and sit in an exam after studying for three weeks and pass.

1. Planning is Key

You can begin your exam preparation by reviewing the whole syllabus and developing a comprehensive study plan that covers all the topics. Studying for one paper every quarter helps you to concentrate on one subject at a time, which may be advantageous when you advance to higher-level papers. This is because some of the higher-level subjects are more difficult or have a lengthier syllabus to cover.

2. Topics should not be skipped

While it is vital to concentrate on your weaknesses, this should not lead to the decision to pass over other issues. You should plan in such a way that all  the topics are given equal importance and adequate time.

3. Taking a Mock Exam

Mock tests are always the most effective technique to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Students should take a number of well-planned mock exams and exam simulations to get a feel for the exam. When you’ve already been given 4-5 tests, you’ll feel more confident on the day of the exam. While the first four examinations are computer-based MCQs, the fifth and subsequent papers have a combination of multiple-choice goals and subjective questions that require practice and technique. Sticking to the time restriction in mock examinations can help you become more familiar with the exam format.

4. Regularly Brush Up on Your Syllabus with a Mind Map

ACCA exam is a hands-on, application-oriented qualification that necessitates more practice than memorization. Allowing time for what you’ve learned to sink into your long-term memory rather than relying on your short-term memory will help you perform better on exams. If you allow enough time for revision, you will have a better chance of passing the exam on the first try. Make notes, make acronyms, and get the support of your classmates and instructors to come up with new ways to remember everything.

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