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ACCA & Career Opportunities | Jobs after ACCA

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The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is one of the most prestigious courses across the globe, with more than 2 million members across 181 countries. Getting an ACCA qualification opens a window of career opportunities for the students, be it establishing your own business to opening a consultancy service or becoming a Master in Accounting. 

If you wish to pursue a course in ACCA or are interested in building a career in financial accounting, then this article will help you. Here we shall be highlighting some of the stimulating career options after ACCA Course that will enhance your career.

Four exciting Career roles to opt for after finishing ACCA qualification

Mentioned here with are some of the best career options awaiting for ACCA qualified students : 

  1. Management Accountant: 

Management accountant’s work is confined towards the maintenance of financial reports for identification and analysis of the operational cost of a company. Moreover, they are also working towards identification, analysis, measurement, and reporting of precise financial data, thereby demonstrating the overall organizational growth. They also analyze sensitive financial data that is crucial for many decision-making processes. These reports are usually used in the proper implementation of corporate policies.

  1. Financial Accountant:  

The primary work of financial accounting is concerned with recording, summarizing, and interpretation of everyday transactions of any business enterprise over a specific period of time. As a financial accountant, you will be asked to record, summarise, and interpret daily business transactions for a specified period of time. Moreover, you will also be asked to evaluate the financial data on the cash flow statements and balance sheets of the company. They are also expected to keep a systematic record of all the financial statements for third parties like taxation and regulatory bodies, investors, creditors, and shareholders.

  1. Corporate Treasurer: 

The work of Corporate treasurers is inclined towards making sure that the organizations have enough money to meet their daily expenditures. Moreover, they are also responsible for setting or reshaping all the financial policies and strategies or consultation on several investment opportunities, the arrangement of funds for expansion purposes, and Management of financial risk. 

  1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO): 

A CFO is a senior executive who is in charge of managing all the financial activities of an organization. CFO is responsible for three major activities that are:

  • Budgeting and Management that involves examining all the expenditures’ salaries cash flow and investments of the small scale enterprises. In the case of large scale enterprises, their work mostly relates to organization and Management of budget allocation of resources and determining the pay structure of the employees. 
  • Accounting and reporting that includes Management and preparation of the financial reports and statements of the small scale enterprises. In large organizations, their work is mostly related to financial analysis and proper management of all the organizational activities. 
  • Strategy and planning: The CFO teams up with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other board members to evaluate the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization.
  1. Tax Consultant: 

Last but not least, the CFO also plays the role of a tax consultant, thereby advising their clients on several national and international taxation policies. Moreover, they also help the corporate sector in fulfilling all of their tax obligations.

All in all, ACCA is considered one of the most rewarding qualifications that is a perfect blend of technical proficiency, work integrity and professionalism that trains the students to think strategically and make important decisions at top management levels. Hence you must highly consider choosing the ACCA preparatory course in order to build a successful career. 

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